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"To Stay Alive We Need Levee 5" Blue Dog by George Rodrigue - Signed

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George Rodrigue Blue Dog Silkscreen titled "To Stay Alive We Need Levee 5".

It was created by Rodrigue to address the need for larger levees in south Louisiana. Rodrigue's wife says in her blog "In response to our government’s failure to protect our city, George created To Stay Alive We Need Levee 5, a succinct phrase describing the importance of levee protection able to withstand a category five storm. Not only did he sell this fine art silkscreen to benefit local programs, but also he delivered one print, along with related buttons, bumper stickers, and even t-shirts (something he’s otherwise avoided), to each member of Congress, with hopes that seeing the message in these formats and hanging on their walls might drive home the importance of levee protection."

Published in 2005

Signed George Rodrigue blue sharpie

Measures 25" x 20"

Our print is 100% mint condition. This is a great value for a Signed George Rodrigue Blue Dog print.