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"God Bless America" September 11, 2001 Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

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George Rodrigue Blue Dog Limited Edition

Silkscreen titled "God Bless America"

This print is extremely rare and highly coveted given the historic background of the piece. On the night of September 11, 2011, Rodrigue painted this image and produced 1,000 prints that sold out immediately. The funds were given to the Red Cross.

Signed in pencil by George Rodrigue. 


100% Mint Condition

Comes with paperwork from the Rodrigue Gallery and in the original flat box. See the second photo. 

George Rodrigue wrote:

“On the night of September 11, 2001, like Americans everywhere, I sat in shock over the events of the day. As I’ve done many times in my life, I turned to my easel and paints for comfort.

At 5 a.m. the next morning I stared with my wife at the painting I’d just finished. As we looked from each other to the canvas, we knew that I’d made a powerful and accurate statement of our feelings.We discussed our desperation --- our wanting to help in some way.

I realized as we spoke that in donating the sales from a print of this painting to the relief effort, others might be comforted as they dealt with their own grief and desire to help. Created in the depths of my personal sadness, the painting reflects the feelings of many, many people.

I first thought to paint the dog black, as if in mourning. Instead I painted it without color at all, the blue joy drained by shock and grief. (Some people have commented that the lack of color reminds them of the television footage of debris-covered people running on the streets of New York City.) For many years the dog has had yellow, happy eyes. On this day, however, the eyes are red, indicating a heavy heart.

I am proud to be from the United States of America. It is our spirit, strong in the symbol of our flag, which will mend our broken hearts and allow us to use these events to strengthen our courage and compassion.” G.R., 9/12/01